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Thanks for agreeing to the terms and conditions without reading them. I now know more about you than you do. 


Defining the Why?

All businesses, subscriptions, social media platforms and even online school access require users to agree to terms and conditions before creating accounts.

We know that the language used in terms and conditions can be confusing and almost unnecessarily complicated. It discourages users from reading through the full specifications that they are signing up for, leading to issues like the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Users had no idea that their information was being stored and siphoned to a completely different source in order to target people with their specific interests ranging from shopping to political stances.

People deserve to know what they are truly signing up for, despite any legal jargon or unnecessary length that companies can try to use. 


Can a crowdsourcing platform help us?

The research project was divided in a three step process. 

* Conceptual Investigation

* Technical Investigation
* Empirical Investigation

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