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Everyone has their own definition of 'Success', mine is to make this life worth living. 

I deeply care about inclusive & accessible design, and dream to leave the world with better humanized tech, accessible to all. 

Anything less, sounds simply unfair to me. 

[Hopefully you are doing fine. It's been hard lately. Stay Safe :) ]

*Sky on 9th August'1998 at 18:25 hrs

Welcome to my digital handshake :D

Let me take you on a journey through my work, my life and what I do for play.

Student at
University of Washington, Seattle
Human Centered Design & Engineering - HCI (Bachelor's)
working as a
Designer + PM
with heart at
Inclusive User Experiences
Brand + Digital :Design
Contextual Psychology (Behavioral User-Research)
& an affair with 
Badminton & FIFA
Ideation + Sketching 
(/Overthinking the 'Why?')
find me

find me

at the 'Cafe` on the ave' in Seattle, having Coconut italian soda, while video calling my mom in 
New Delhi!

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